About Us

Who We Are:

GSB Imaging was founded to help hospitals, healthcare systems, imaging centers, physician practices and veterinary medical centers provide the best care for their patients.  We sell and service MRI , CT and PET/CT scanning equipment to help physicians, nursing staff and clinicians diagnose and therefore treat a wide range of different medical conditions by capturing images from within the body. 

These conditions can range from bone fractures to conditions within the heart, brain or blood vessels, and the scans captured by the equipment can also be used for cancer monitoring.

GSB Imaging is owned and operated by personnel who have been in the imaging business of selling and servicing imaging equipment for over 30 years.  Service is an area where GSB Imaging provides outstanding value to its customers.  From our refurbishing the equipment we sell or lease, to the fast response of our service team, we help our customers minimize down-time, and lost revenue.  Our continuous monitoring services can also help predict maintenance and repair needs before they occur, thus preventing down-time.

Our Core Values:

Honesty- We believe that honesty is the foundation of all business relationships and that it is always the best policy.  We also believe that we need to earn your trust – and honesty is a foundational building block for it.

Reliability – We believe that we must offer reliable equipment, as well as reliable service for that equipment.  We believe this ensures our customers as well as our business success. 

Collaboration and Partnering – We look to not be just a sales or service vendor – but rather an integral collaborating partner with your facility who works with you to help you achieve your goals.