GSB Imaging is proud to offer not only sale or lease of equipment but is also happy to meet your service needs by offering a unique support package for each client, tailored to your needs.  This is based, in part, on your operating hours, equipment age, current status and future plans.  We offer different options including:

  • Full services for both MRI, CT or PET/CT systems
  • MRI audio systems and consumables
  • Remote diagnostics and technical support
  • Complete after hours support to maximize patient time and minimize downtime
  • Flexible service agreements to match your budget needs
  • Cryogen and magnet maintenance programs
  • Qualified CT Tube sales, installation and warranty
  • Select system upgrades and accessories
  • System de-installs and reinstalls
  • Rigging and relocation services
  • Premium reconditioned MRI, CT or PET/CT Systems
  • Financial services
  • Equipment consultations

We also support our clients with rapid parts service, dedicated logistics, and 7-day/24-hour emergency coverage, every day, including holidays.  This helps to reduce or eliminate rescheduling appointments when repairs are needed thus contributing to our clients' revenue and overall satisfaction.  We provide equipment from many different manufacturers and when we offer a manufacturer's product line, we look at the ease and period of time to secure replacement parts for that manufacturer – as our service goal is to always minimize down-time.